Entryway Mosaic Mural

Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

Creative Director, Mosaic Artist and Installer:  Cathleen Newsham

Mosaic Artist: Claudia Schattman

Installer:  Greg Hare

Client:  Jill & Philip Lawrence

For a long time, the wall perpendicular to the front door of our client’s home in Mt. Kisco, New York had been waiting for the perfect project. The client wanted a mosaic to surprise her family for Christmas 2014. But not just any mosaic. Based on input from the client, the mosaic artists designed a family wall. Six faces representing the members of the family, were cut from mirror and strategically placed at their approximate heights. The “hair” surrounding the mirror faces is made from collected pieces that highlight each family member’s personality and interests. The background consists of swirls of bright color fields: reds, blues, greens and yellows. Found objects, donated by the family or discovered by the designers, are scattered throughout. The end result is a playful and personal wall mosaic that greets guests and family as they enter and exit the home. “I see something different each time I look at it!” exclaimed one of the sons.

Mosaic Details

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