“Jacqueline” Picasso Wall Art

Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

This mosaic posed an interesting challenge to the design team at Modern Mosaic Arts.The original Picasso platter had broken into numerous pieces (we break a lot of pottery at MMArts, but not this one!). The collector wanted to salvage the pieces and came to us for help. How do you interpret a genuine Picasso so its original beauty can be appreciated, but looked at in a different way?  After reviewing numerous Picasso paintings, the designers noticed many of the figures were very rounded. Using the rim from the broken platter, arms were created to mimic these rounded figures. Adding their own flavor, the designers chose elements such as brightly colored pottery, rusted keys and sun-bleached shells to enhance the restructured form. We hope Picasso would have approved.

Design Process

Custom architectural and fine art mosaics for residential and commercial clients.

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