Enchanted Forest Mosaic Fireplace

Ridgefield, CT

Creative Director, Mosaic Artist and Installer:  Cathleen Newsham

Mosaic Artist: Cindy Quitt

Mosaic Artist: Cassia Moreira Lago

Client:  Private Homeowner, Ridgefield, Connecticut

This fireplace mosaic was inspired by the change of seasons, winter to spring. Two trees embrace either side of the fireplace surround while layers of colorful leaves blanket the hearth. Hundreds of shapes cut by hand from brilliantly colored glass create the design.

Newsham sketched the design for this project directly onto a paper template then fabricated the mosaic in her studio using the indirect method.  Hand cut glass tile was adhered to tile mesh, and once completed, cut into puzzle-like pieces , transported to the home, then fitted back together and adhered to the fireplace surround.  Grouting was the final step in creating a stunning focal point in this Ridgefield home.
The fireplace surround is an ideal surface to mosaic. The options are limitless. The design can come from a fabric swatch, a piece of vintage or contemporary wallpaper, a favorite china pattern, or the china itself can be featured.  The mosaic design can be bold and bright, or muted and natural. Collections, new and old, can inspire the design: pebbles and shells, reminders of a favorite venue; old glass bottles; watch faces and watch parts; keys; coins…whatever holds meaning for you.  And don’t forget the hearth.  Mosaic the hearth with a repeated pattern or element from the surround. The hearth mosaic, unlike the fireplace surround, would have to be flat to avoid stubbed toes and falls.  CONTACT US to explore the many options for creating your fantasy fireplace surround!

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