Hand-made architectural and fine art mosaics fabricated in the New York City area 

by award winning artist Cathleen Newsham

For nearly twenty years, mosaic artist Cathleen Newsham has been designing, fabricating and installing decorative and functional mosaics for residential and commercial clients. Working with architects, interior designers and homeowners, Newsham and her staff at Modern Mosaic Arts incorporate natural stone, handmade ceramics, porcelain, smalti, glass and recycled treasures to create one of a kind custom art mosaics. Whether your aesthetic is contemporary or eclectic, farmhouse or industrial, a mosaic is an ideal medium for creative expression. Browse our Portfolio page for a sampling of our work.

Newsham with her piece “Jacqueline”, chosen for the Society of American Mosaic Artists 2018 Fine Art Exhibition 

“SOHO Marble & Gold Mosaic Floor and Stairs”, chosen for the Society of American Mosaic Artists 2018 Site Specific Exhibition 

Incorporate into the luxury bath a mosaic sink that, when lit from below, bathes the room in a gentle, healing light. Create a unique tile floor or tile border in a foyer, kitchen or playroom. Consider resurfacing a stained counter or damaged porcelain sink with a personalized mosaic, a clever way to freshen the room. For the business entrepreneur an eye catching sign, unusual cash wrap or bar, unique mosaic additions to a tile floor, dining area or restrooms are not just extraordinary ideas to invite customers, but also durable and lasting ones. The cost of a mosaic can be tailored to meet any budget. Mosaic costs depend on the choice of materials, the complexity of design and the amount of labor involved. See our Pricing page to see how a custom mosaic is priced.  When complete, a custom mosaic is not just functional, but an exceptional and singular work of art. All mosaic projects are made to order in our Danbury, Connecticut studio.  Mosaic repair also available.

A custom mosaic is a fantastic way to convey your individual style. Now the question becomes where do you reveal such creative expression? What surface do you mosaic? Ideas are infinite: a kitchen or bathroom back splash, a mirror, a light fixture, a tabletop, a wall hanging, a fireplace surround and hearth. Let us guide you to design, fabricate and install a mosaic mural for a memorable entrance way. Think about making a mosaic for plain exterior or interior stair risers. Create a mosaic heirloom by blending photographs and collected mementos that, when viewed as a whole, makes a remarkable work of art.

Custom architectural and fine art mosaics for residential and commercial clients.

Serving New York, Connecticut, New Jersey. Worldwide shipping.
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