Penthouse Gold & Marble Mosaic Floor

Penthouse Gold & Marble Mosaic Floor

Penthouse Gold & Marble Mosaic Floor

New York, N.Y.

Creative Director, Mosaic Artist and Installer:  Cathleen Newsham

Mosaic Artist and Installer: Claudia Schattman

Mosaic Artist:  Wendy Lipstein

Client:  Omnia Group

Architect:  David Paz

A penthouse in New York city’s famed SOHO neighborhood boasts marble and gold mosaic stairs and landings that were a creative collaboration between Modern Mosaic Arts, Cancos Tile and architect David Paz.  Mr. Paz designed an intricate flowing pattern that Cancos incised in white marble slabs using a wet-jet, then installed on the 5th and 6th floor landings and stairs of the luxurious penthouse condominium.  Modern Mosaic Arts Creative Director, Cathleen Newsham, then created paper templates of the incisions so the mosaics could be fabricated in thier Connecitcut studio without interrupting ongoing construction in the building.  Once the gold tile mosaic sections were completed and contruction was finalized, Newsham and Claudia Schattman installed the mosaics into the marble floor and stair incisions.  Finally, glass walls that divide the stairs areas were erected and the reflections of the mosaic in the glass complete the architect’s elegant vision of a Rorshcach-like staircase that opens up to an incredible living space in one of New York’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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Mosaic Fabrication Process

These mosaics were created in the reverse tile tape method, beginning with paper templates, then adhering the gold tiles face down to tile tape in the studio.  The mosaic was divided into sections in order to transport to the job location, then reassembled according to a map of the floor and stairs the designers had created.  Using thin set, the tiles were adhered into the incisions in the marble.  The mosaic artists chose a grout to color to closely match the white marble, which was then applied to the floor.  A final cleaning and sealing was the last step in creating this beautiful and durable floor mosaic. 

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