Coney Island Bathroom

Coney Island Bathroom

Coney Island Inspired Bathroom Mosaics

New York, N.Y.

Creative Director, Mosaic Artist and Installer:  Cathleen Newsham

Installer:  Daisy Korpics

Installer:  John Pope

Client:  Beth Michaelson

Interior Designer:   Sarah Vail

The Coney Island mosaic is an example of a project that is both creative and functional. Mosaic artist Cathleen Newsham designed and fabricated this unique piece of art for a Manhattan family with a passion for roller coasters. Inspired by the mosaics that decorate the walls of New York’s subway stations, Newsham created and installed a “subway” sign above the double sinks. A much larger mosaic (which depicts the likenesses of family members in the first cars of the coaster) was installed on the back wall of the shower-bathtub. The homeowners, wishing to stay true to the fabrication standards of the many mosaics adorning New York City subway platforms, chose to use Italian smalti, a durable, richly colored glass, as the material for the design. The smalti tiles were adhered to mesh, shipped to the jobsite; then finally installed.  Mounting tile to mesh makes it easy to ship mosaics to clients all over the world.

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The Mosaic Process

These mosaics were created using a combination of mesh and tile tape.  Since there was no Coney Island subway signage Newsham designed a sign for the area above the sinks with a ferris wheel motif behind a serif font.  Testing the design in the architectural drawing gave the client and architect a clear idea of what the final mosaic would look like once completed.  Once the color choices were determined Cathleen sourced the smalti tile and created a palette for final approval.
After researching new and vintage of the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster, Newsham submitted design ideas for the mosaic that would be going behind the shower area.  Showing the client various pencil sketches, a design was chosen, refined, then dropped into the architectural drawings.
Installing the signage over the sinks.  Modern Mosaic Arts supplied the architect and tile installer with a template of the mosaic so when Newsham and her team of installers arrived, the wall had a recessed area that was perfectly sized for the mosaic to drop right in.  The white subway tiles that surround the mosaic were cut ahead of time by another tile installer using the template supplied so everything fit perfectly and the mosaic and subway tiles were flush with no height difference.
The shower mosaic was installed after the signage.  As you can see in the photo below, the mosaic was cut into pieces for easier handling and transport, then were re-fit together like a puzzle for the installation.

10,000 Leagues Under The Sea Bathroom

10,000 Leagues Under The Sea Bathroom

10,000 Leagues Under The Sea Bathroom

  Waccabuc, N.Y.

Creative Director, Mosaic Artist and Installer:  Cathleen Newsham

Mosaic Artist:  Melissa Smith

Client:  Private Homeowner, Waccabuc, New York

 The whimsical mosaic walls shown here can be found in the homeowner’s children’s bathroom. Intending only to create a mosaic backsplash, the client was so enthralled with the potential of the mosaic that she decided to cover the blank walls of the bathroom. Playfully adorned with bits and pieces of favorite plates, treasured toys and ceramic kindergarten art projects, the mosaic artists transformed empty bathroom walls into a distinctive work of art. The homeowner claims her kids love to bring guests to the bathroom and show them the lighthearted mural. Is there a wall in your home you would like to transform? CONTACT US. We look forward to consulting with you.